[ Romana ]


 April, 11____________________________________________

National Bank of Romania, ”Ion Lapedatu” Hall


S E S S I O N   I: DIALOGUES: Romania and its neighbours

Chair: Jim Samson


10.00 Welcoming of guests and opening address

delivered by Adrian Pop, director of the Cluj Modern Festival


10.30 Otilia Badea (Seminar of Historical Anthropology of the Babeș Bolyai University Cluj; College of Art and Music “Victor Brauner”

Piatra Neamț)

Convergent and Disjunctive. The Romanian National Music through the Double Perspective of Composers from Transylvania

and the Old Kingdom


11.00Elena Chircev (Gh. Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca)

Romanian Contributions to the Perpetuation of the

Byzantine Musical Tradition


11.30 – 12.00 Coffee break


12.00 György Selmeczi (University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest)

National Characterology in Central-East European Music.

The Dichotomy of Hungarian Music


12.30 Florinela Popa (National University of Music, Bucharest)

Music and National Identity in Romania during the 20th Century


Technical assistance: Dionisie Stoian-Irimie

____________________________________________April, 11

National Bank of Romania, ”Ion Lapedatu” Hall



Exploring musical identities within national borders

Chair: Zdravko Blažeković


15.00   Jim Samson - keynote speaker

              (Emeritus Professor, Royal Holloway University of London)

              Challenging National Paradigms in Music History:

              the Case of South East Europe


16.00    Zdravko Blažeković (City University of New York,

           The Graduate Center)

The Nationalistic Symbolism and Decorative Transformation of the

      Croatian and Serbian Gusle during the 1990s

16.30 – 17.00        Coffee break

17.00    Jan Dušek (Academy of Performing Arts in Prague,

      Music and Dance Faculty)

      Bohemia: Still the Conservatory of Europe?

17.30 Anita Mayer-Hirzberger  (Department of Musicology and    

Performance Studies, University of Music and Performing Arts

in Vienna)

What is „Austrian Music”? About the Creation and Discussion

of  National Music in Austria after 1918

18.00   Bianca Țiplea-Temeș (Gh. Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca)

      Hearing the Stateless: the Aromanians in the Balkans

Technical assistance: Dan Spătar